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Flip Them Off!

Swing for the Benches

Our new performance-enhancing rubberized earpieces fit any position on your hat or helmet.

World’s Best flip-up mechanism. 

With a strong, yet comfortable grip on the middle of your face, you won’t sacrifice intimidation when fipped-off. So even when you shake hands and say “good game,” your opponent will know you don’t mean it. 

This sweet spot makes it easy to flip-off without smudging your line of sight with your greasy corndog fingers.

The Official Sunglasses of Third Base

Rubberized nose and ear pieces provide maximum grip so your Lift-Offs stay in place when you’re in space (astronauts love to rhyme).

This state-of-the-art hinge mechanism designed by REAL space mechanics provides a smooth switch between lift-off (lens up) and full-orbit (lens down) at the speed of light.

Twice the lens as the original Pit Vipers, Dual Lens Technology™ comes in handy in most corners of the galaxy as a 1:1 lens to eye ratio is required by astro law for space aviation comandeering.

Shatterproof polycarbonate frame and lens built to withstand extreme G-Forces, magnetic field jostles, and tricycle collisions.

Real Space Technology