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Help us help you help us make you (and us) money.

Pit Vipers aren’t just sunglasses, they’re Pit Vipers. Elaborate? Yeah, yeah. We make eyewear that can be shot at, sat on, shoved in pockets, run over, and still maintain their sun and wind bucking ability. Pit Viper is serious about taking things less seriously while creating gear that can take a beating.
Now, we want to bring you in to help us spread the word of Pit Viper.

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Why partner with Pit Viper?

Becoming a Pit Viper affiliate is not just about fame, bragging rights, or making your cousin who’s 2 inches taller than you jealous. It’s about having a good time. Oh, and making money. You’ll be able to share your own Pit Viper affiliate links on your website or social media, and earn up to a whopping 11% commission from every purchase.

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Who can join?

Everyone is invited to Party Mountain. If you’ve already read this far you’re basically in.

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What’s our deal?

The official sunglasses of skiing, mountain biking, trail running, jetskiing, baseball, pickleball, bocce ball, cycling outside, cycling inside, touching your toes, berating your step dad, and whatever other sport you can think of. We make Pit Vipers for extreme activities without sacrificing extreme style.

Program benefits

Once accepted into the Pit Viper Affiliate Program, you can enjoy the following perks:

  • Earn up to 11% commission on all sales you refer
  • 30-day cookie window
  • $120 average order value.
  • Access to a range of creatives, including product shots, lifestyle images, and more.
  • Exclusive access to brand promos and advanced notice of new product launches.
  • Opportunities to try our products for free, considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Direct contact with our dedicated affiliate team to support your success.


Once you've completed the registration process, we'll send you an email notification along with an onboarding guide to help you get started. You'll have instant access to your account, where you can begin sharing links and banners on your blogs, social media accounts, and more.

Feel free to reach out to our agency with any questions or for more information.

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