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Our Philosophy

Pit Viper Gives a F*ck is Pit Viper’s Social Responsibility program.

We aim to create a positive impact on this planet by elevating the people on it, the communities we participate in, and through our actions to protect it.

Our responsibility is to ensure Pit Viper cares for the people and organizations we work with and the communities we are present in by elevating other organizations, individuals, and initiatives that we stand behind and the planet we call home.



Trees Planted in 2022

$ 119,760+

Donated in 2022

$ 119,500+

In Pit Vipers Donated in 2022


We all share this planet. As an organization rooted in the outdoors, Pit Viper strives to sustain our outdoor spaces so we can continue to share them with one another. From protecting public lands to reducing our carbon footprint and focusing on sustainable practices, Pit Viper gives a f*ck about our Planet.



Pit Viper is founded on a simple principle: At Party Mountain, everyone is welcome. Pit Viper aims to support organizations dedicated to diversity and inclusion, ability, equal rights, military, healthcare, and more. Pit Viper gives a fuck about people


Based in Salt Lake City and with roots all over the world, we support local events with company volunteer outings, product donations, and more. We look to support the places and people we share our communities with. Join us at some of our events so we can create a larger impact together. Pit Viper gives a fuck about participation.


Other Organizations We Support